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We offer the following Products
  1. Orifice Plates & Assemblies
  2. Flow Nozzles
  3. Venturis
  4. Averaging Pitot Tubes
  5. Meter Run sections
  6. Condensate Pots, Thermowells & other Instrumentation hardware

Orifice plates of various types are offered by us depending on the application:
  • Concentric square edged
  • Quadrant circle
  • Conical entrance
  • Segmental
  • Eccentric
  • Sizes: 25 to 1250 mm NB if required to achive balance
  • Material of construction:

Orifice Plate

Standard 304 SS, 316SS;
Special - Duplex & Super Duplex SS, Monel, Inconel, Titanium, Hastelloy;
Others on request


Standard - Carbon Steel, SS;
Special – DSS, SDSS, Monel;
Others on request

  • Pressure tappings: Corner, Flange and D & D/2
  • Mounting: Carrier mounted or Flange mounted orifice assemblies with bolts, nuts, gaskets & jack bolts
  • Design Standards used: ISO 5167, AGA3
  • Design Software: The FLOW CONSULTANT™ Enterprise Edition by R.W.Miller & Associates Inc

Flow Nozzles are available in different types & materials.
  • Design: ISA 1932 and ASME Long Radius Type
  • Size: Suitable for 80 NB to 400 NB line
  • Material of Construction: SS 316 & Hastelloy B.
  • Mounting: Flanged or Weld in Type1.

1Meter runs with pressure tappings supplied when required.


Venturis & Venturi -Nozzles are available in a variety of materials of construction:

  • Cast Iron-fully machined on the bore and hard-chrome plated, size up to 500 mm NB.
  • FRP for chlorine and other corrosive applications,sizes from 80 NB to 700 mm NB.
  • Fabricated from CS (HIC compliant), MS with SS or Phosphor-Bronze lining upto 1800 mm NB.
  • Fabricated or Forged 316, Single and Duplex SS from 100 to 300 mm NB


Averaging Pitot Tubes both Fixed and Retraction types are available.

  • Line size: Std. 1200 mm NB. Higher line sizes on request.
  • Material of construction: Std. 316 SS.

These elements can be provided in other materials depending upon application.

Mounting hardware, Isolation valves, 3 Valve manifolds can be provided on request.


Flow elements with honed meter run sections are offered.

  • Sizes: From 25 NB to 200 NB.


We manufacture a variety of instrumentation hardware.

  • Condensate Pots as per ISA specifications in SS as well as CS or alloy steel materials.
  • Flow straighteners, tube bundle type in SS
  • Thermowells Barstock & Tubular upto 1000 mm length in brass, SS and other materials.
  • Cable trays, Cable ducts in MS (galvanized) and in Aluminum


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