Orifice plates are the most common flow elements due to its simplicity, ease of installation and maintenance. They are used in flow measurement of aggressive and non-aggressive gases, steam and liquids, especially in large pipes. It is widely used for flow measurement of single phase aggressive and non-aggressive media like gases, steam or liquids, especially in large pipes.

Performance is predictable and reliable as the design and tolerances are governed by international standards such as ISO, AGA, and ASME.


Depending on the process conditions, we offer the following types:

    • square edged concentric
    • quadrant edged
    • segmental
    • conical entrance
    • eccentric bore
  • Plate size & thickness: Typically 3 or 6mm for line size 25mm to 1250mm / 1” to 50” NB. (other sizes are possible)
  • Plate Mounting: A weld-on handle is provided for direct installation between Orifice flanges. We also offer the Plates without handle for installation in existing orifice fittings or with RTJ plate holder.
  • Orifice flanges: As per ANSI and for rating upto #2500 Class.
  • Pressure Taps: Flange taps are standard.  Corner Taps and Carrier Rings are available on request.
  • Material of Construction:
    • Plate: 304 &316 SS standard. Optional exotic viz., Duplex & Super Duplex SS, Hastelloy, Stellite faced Stainless steel, Monel and Titanium.
    • Flanges: Carbon steel & SS Standard. Optional exotic viz DSS, SDSS & Monel are available on request.

Orifice plates are designed and manufactured as per ISO 5167, AGA and ASME standards.


Orifice Plates & Assemblies